Sibling Fun: 5 Activities To Engage the Youngest Family Members

Sibling Fun: 5 Activities To Engage the Youngest Family Members
My favourite days are the ones when we hit on something that both of my children enjoy.  Finding those glorious activities that encourage sibling play (especially when one of those siblings is under 2) isn’t always easy.  Here are a few true family friendly ideas that have worked for us!

1. Face Painting

A few weeks ago, my son got out the watercolour paints, and started offering free face painting!  We all took advantage, and it turned into days and hours of fun.  A small paint brush, a little jar of water, and a small palette of paint – and, this could be you!

2. Shaving Cream Fight

Okay, the fight is optional, but there is no denying the appeal of a sanctioned mess! The perfect activity for a rainy day, no one is too old (or too young) for shaving cream fun! (Bonus: the clean-up is pretty easy).

3. Colouring On… Anything!

Usually we colour on paper.  Sometimes we colour on the wall… and very occasionally, we colour on eggs!

4. Scavenger Hunts

Easter egg hunt, scavenger hunt… well, they’re pretty much the same thing.  The kids had so much fun hunting for eggs with their cousins this past weekend, I’m pretty sure I’m going to build more scavenger hunts into our days.  Outdoor nature hunts (searching for leaves, flowers, acorns etc.), are the best, but indoor scavenger hunts (like the one we did for my son’s recent birthday party) are just as fun!  Bonus: we were pleasantly surprised by how our children shared their treasures during the Easter egg excitement.  It’s a nice to way to build in some social graces.

5. Sorting Trays

A classic Montessori activity, sorting items into trays, baskets, or other groups builds math, organizational and creative skills.  Even before age 2, many kids will enjoy sorting precious items into a lovely display.  I know my daughter loves it.  Older kids can help their younger siblings sort by colour, size or shape, or sort and categorize their own collection of special things.  As they get older, they can label them, too!

What are your favourite activities to involve the little ones in your household play and learning?

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