Inspiring Homeschool Room Ideas: Art Supply Mason Jars

Inspiring Homeschool Room Ideas: Art Supply Mason Jars
I have been doing a lot of reading, interviewing, and blogging lately, and have been impressed by some of the exceptional spaces that people have set up in their homes.  From my recent interview with Jacquie deJong Seinin , who loves having a “homeschooling centre” in her home, to the inspiring home of Bending Birches, beautiful, workable places and spaces have been inspiring me from all directions.

In an effort to bring that inspiration to our space, we’ve been making some changes over at our place.  Here’s the first of a few successful projects that I’ll be sharing in the weeks to come as “Inspiring Homeschool Room Ideas”

Art Supply Mason Jars.  

Co-op member, Carla, shared this mason jar project from Liz Maire Blog with me.  We both thought it would be a perfect place for art supplies.

My son and I worked hard at it one afternoon, and came up with this creation.  

We used 5 mason jars, and a cupboard door from the as-is section of IKEA ($3).

Step by Step (I was going to call this part the “nitty-gritty,” but, for some reason, the term makes me feel icky.  Anyone else?):

1. Gather Supplies: 5 mason jars, 5 pipe clamps (find them with the plumbing supplies in the hardware store), a drill, a piece of wood (or in this case, a door), and some short screws.

2. Drill a small hole in the centre of the band of each of the pipe clamps.

3. Measure and drill 5 holes into the wood backing, aka: cupboard door.  (My measurements, as it turns out, were not entirely accurate.  I encourage you to do a better job).

4. Line up the hole on each clamp with the hole in the wood, and fasten the clamp to the wood using a short screw and screwdriver.

5. Insert the glass jars into the pipe clamps and tightened them with the clamp’s mechanism.  A very tidy process.

6. Hang your masterpiece on the wall, in a lovely corner, right under a window for natural light.  Place a small activity table underneath it.  And fill with art supplies.  At least, that’s what I did.

A last word of warning.

Be prepared for little artists to be, well, little artists.

Let the creativity flow!


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  1. Oooh, that’s a great idea! We love decorated jars for our supplies! Gel pens, scissors, paintbrushes, Sharpies… on and on it goes! :)
    Ours are on shelves, which we love, but this is such a pretty alternative!

    • Thanks, Stephanie. Wow, you’re brave, including Sharpies in the mix. I guess your kids are a bit older than mine…

  2. Your project turned out so lovely! Very well done! We have loads of markers, pencils, hole punches, rulers, on and on…
    So we are fans of baskets, buckets, and such.

    • Yeah. I am wondering how long it will be sustainable for… maybe it will turn into a crayon or paintbrush holder exclusively. I can envision walls of jars all over our walls. =) Then, I’ll bring out the baskets.

  3. That looks beautiful! Lots of jars of pencils around here, but it would be fantastic to clear some table space for making art!

    • I never even thought about that obvious benefit! I was just trying to make their supplies more accessible, so they’d be able to use them more often. Although, table space is at a premium around here, so it works.

  4. This would be great, although I see my 4 year old separating everything by color and running out of jars:)

  5. What a great idea! Makes a lovely display too! :)

    • That’s what I think (although we’ve had a lot more pen on the walls, since making the art supplies so accessible!)

  6. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this project on the front page of (a new submission-based website) for my Looksi Takeover day (today the 4th) featuring my favorite mason jar projects from around blog land! :) The project will linked back to your site. I hope you will check us out and maybe even submit a few projects as well!

    • Thanks so much! I’ll check it out. I adore Mason jars for everything.


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