About Us

We are an online community for home learners of all persuasions.  The Homeschool Co-op was founded to help families connect with one another in an easy, efficient and powerful way.

Our hope is that The Homeschool Co-op will become a place for you to find both the information you need, and the relationships that will sustain your homeschooling journey.

We welcome mothers, fathers and families with diverse interests, philosophies and lifestyles.  Whether seasoned veterans, or brand new to homeschooling, each of us has something to learn and share.  We aim to provide you with a warm and supportive environment with which to do so.

So, relax, feel welcome and enjoy!

About Us

Kelly Woods is the founder of The Homeschool Co-op.  She is a children’s librarian who has worked with homeschoolers and independent learners for many years, and is now embarking on the journey of home learning with her own children.

Kelly lives in the Pacific Northwest, with her husband, her three children, Dylan, Sylvie & Vaughn, and their cat, Peas. She is passionate about mothering, nature, reading, learning and, of course, homeschooling.  She blogs about her creative life at seaandforest.com


Robin Wiens is the author of our Public School Perspective column. He is both a public school teacher, and an avid supporter of home learning. Robin lives in Salmon Arm, BC with his wife and three young children.


A Note on Terminology: The Homeschooling Co-op uses the terms “Homeschooling” and “Home Learning” interchangeably.  Although Home Learning more accurately describes what it is we do with our children everyday, we understand that Homeschooling is a much more prevalent, and commonplace term.