Public School Perspective

Robin Wiens is the author of Public School Perspective.  He is both a public school teacher, and an avid supporter of home learning. He lives in Salmon Arm, BC with his wife and two young children.

Welcome to Public School Perspective

Making a decision to go against popular choice is never easy and when it comes to making decisions on behalf of our own children going against the grain is even more difficult, especially when it comes to their education. The public school system is the accepted norm for the training and development of all children in Canada, but that doesn’t mean it is the best way.

I attended public school as a child and have taught both in both the public and private systems (in fact I am still teaching in the public system), but I plan to go against popular choice when it comes to my own children. I feel that our family can do something better than what either public or private education systems offer. I can avoid some of the pitfalls of institutional learning and adapt learning to meet the specific needs of my own children so that they are best prepared to navigate through life on their own. As I see it, there are a number of problems with public school which I want to avoid and a number of benefits of homeschooling that I want my children to experience.

Since you are reading this, I know that you,too, are questioning the decision of the masses to send their children to public school so I will try and write some of the contributing factors that helped us make our decision to keep our children home. As the reasons are numerous and complicated, I will tackle one issue at a time from my stance as an insider to the public system. I understand that each issue is connected with the others, but to interweave them all would require an entire book.  Therefore, I will deal with one issue at a time even if the breadth of examination is diminished by disconnecting each from all the other issues.

And, therefore, if you have any insights to add, questions to pose, or just a comment about what I have said, please contribute below; collective discussions enable a broader examination of the issues and, therefore, I welcome them. They will add to my understanding and solidify your own.