How Blogging Helps Homeschoolers

How Blogging Helps Homeschoolers
 Blogging is fun.  It builds community, connects you with people around the world, and fills your mind with ideas.  Sometimes too many ideas!  I honestly can’t say what the past year would have been like without The Homeschool Co-op, but I imagine it would have been a lot less inspired.  Here are some of the reasons I would recommend blogging to homeschooling parents.

1. Connection

Being a blogger means you are automatically connected to people.  Like-minded people are treats to find, but so are those with opposing viewpoints.  Getting involved in the blogging community broadens your perspective, and connects you with real people.  And you’re not limited to those in your immediate vicinity.

2. Accountability

Whether you write a personal blog, a homeschooling blog, or something in between, writing about your journey, or your passions, is an amazing way to keep yourself accountable. When I look back on what we’ve done this year (by reading over my blog entries) I am amazed.  We’ve done a ton of learning!  Getting something down is a great way to prove to yourself that you and your kids really have been learning.

3. Memories

Not just an academic record, a blog can be a record of your personal learning journey.  It can bring back sweet memories, and become, well, what it is – an online journal.  If you’re reticent to start journaling, blogging might actually be a more fun, and more interactive way to accomplish the same thing.  I know, for me, if I hadn’t been blogging about what we’ve been up to, half of it would be long forgotten by now.

4. Photo Journaling

Because I blog a lot, I always have a reason to bring my camera with me.  There are so many times I have taken photographs of our daily learning, knowing I might use them in a future article.  I am so thankful that I have these photos as a record of our learning, and as a way to see my children grow.  The really fun bonus is that I get to develop my photography skills at the same time!  Which brings me to…

5. Learning

Blogging is learned skill.  It can seem intimidating at the outset, but it is so great when you demystify the process, by learning the ins and outs of the blogosphere.  While your kids are learning at rapid-fire pace, you, as a blogger, are learning right along with them.  And you’re also developing a whole host of skills (writing, photography, computer literacy etc).

6. Fun & Encouragement

Blogging is fun.  It’s inspiring.  It’s amazing to feel connected to the world beyond your front door.

Whether you blog for yourself, or hope to build a community, blogging can be a journey that benefits a homeschooling family in a multitude of ways.  So, if you’re dabbling with the idea, I’d say, go ahead and try it!  You haven’t got a lot to lose, and you might be surprised by just how much you like it.

P.S. Welcome to summer, everyone!

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  1. Hi! Is it ok if I post your article on my blog? I will be sure to credit it to you as the author, I just need an opening post for my homeschool blog, and this is SUCH inspiration. Thank you!

    • Sure, Amy. Just include a link back to the original post. Welcome to blogging, you’ll love it!

  2. LOVE this post… I think the one I can relate to the most is accountability. I find that I’m taking things up a notch in my homeschool when I know others are going to be reading about it (is that sad?).

    I’m going to share this post! Thank you!

    • Haha. Me too. I’ve coming back from a bit of a blog vacation, and, maybe it’s just being less aware, but I feel like we’ve been doing way less, and not engaging the same way in our learning, since I stopped writing. So, it’s good to be back. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Nicely put! I love to look back (as do my kids) and recall some of our activities.

    I also love that, despite living in the boonies, I’ve met some great homeschoolers and I am never lonely.

    • I think blogging is especially great for people in remote communities. I always hope we can be a good resource for people who don’t have immediate access to many other homeschoolers.

  4. Such a great post. In my early days of homeschooling blogging helped me feel connected with the outside world. Mine were so young and so close together that I needed that connection with others. I also loved the wonderful ideas other moms of young kids gave to me. Looking back I really miss those days.

    • Yes! The homeschooling mom community is pretty amazing (including this one). I love each and every morsel of advice I receive from those who have gone before (and those are coming along, too).

  5. I really appreciate that you have listed out everything that I feel is the reason I blog. Although I’m not looking for a whole host of followers, it’s nice just to have a place to jot things down and to let others know what homeschooling really looks like. I absolutely love to read other moms and what works for them as well. Keep those encouraging words coming!

  6. It’s so true! I am new to homeschooling this year…and what did I pick back up? My blogging! I have always loved to write, and now find it therapeutic when things are getting a bit overwhelming :)

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to know we can connect with one another.

    • You’re quite welcome. I hope your writing & schooling are going well these days. They go so well hand in hand! All the best. :)


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