Why The Homeschool Co-op?

Sure, there are other online communities out there, other blogs, and other homeschool services.  So, why us?

1. We focus on two-way communication.  That is, we want this to be your place.  You tell us what you need, and we’ll provide it.  We have plans to do this is a number of ways:

Socialize: The Homeschool Co-op Network

More than a forum, Socialize functions like a combination of Facebook, Meet-up & a Yahoo List-serv.

  • You can join & create groups, open discussions, and send private messages to other members
  • You can contribute your own expertise, and share your thoughts & feelings on home learning
  • You can simply read, and take it all in
  • We’ll add stimulating topics for discussion
  • We’ll provide authoritative information & research
  • We’ll always accept feedback & suggestions from members
  • Socialize is also password protected, which makes it a safer, more comfortable place to share the ins and outs of your family’s very personal journey with homeschooling
Co-op Courses (in development… stay tuned for details)
One of the unique aspects of The Homeschool Co-op will be our tutorials and courses section.  Here, we’ll share information with you, and you’ll have the opportunity to share with us.  Just like a traditional homeschool co-op, we’ll all learn from each other, according to our own strengths & weaknesses.
  • We’ll share our expertise in the form of video presentations, written courses and tailor-made services for individuals.
  • You can do the same!  If you have a specialty, interest or skill you’d like to share with other members, you can use this space to host your own members workshops.
Featured Homeschoolers
There are so many amazing homeschooling families out there.  Let’s learn about each other.
  • We’ll write about your family, and other families like yours!
  • You can read about them on our blog, newsletter and (coming soon) quarterly magazine
  • You can share your life with others through Socialize, our member galleries, and member blog list
2. We are information specialists
The Homeschool Co-op was founded by a mom, who also happens to holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. This makes her an expert at finding, evaluating, and organizing information.  She also has five years of experience as a public children’s librarian.  For you, this means:
  • We can provide you with authoritative, interesting, and organized information
  • We can search for what you need, and we can find it!
  • We can curb information overload by making the information we do provide relevant, easily accessible and less overwhelming.
  • We’ll provide more than links.
  • We know the information needs of kids (and their parents, too!)
3. You get the chance to be an inaugural member
What does this mean for you?
  • We are a brand new community, with great potential for growth.
  • Your early input can build this community into the kind of place you need it to be.
  • We are learning, too, and are excited to develop with you.
  • All inaugural members get a free one-year membership, so there’s no risk.

Join us, and let’s learn, connect and inspire each other!