Sponsor Member Details

The Homeschool Co-op is a growing community of homeschoolers, looking to share and learn from one another.  As an organization, we are always looking for products and services that could be of interest to our members.  We’d love to share yours, too!

Purchasing a Sponsor Membership will give you the following:

1. 125×125 ad in our sidebar or sponsor page (email your ad to info@thehomeschoolcoop.com after sign-up)

2. Access to our exclusive network, and permission to advertise new products and services to our members through our Sponsor Deals group forum.

3. Permission to advertise to members through your Network member signature.

3. The opportunity to provide your products / services as giveaways for one of our weekly contests (contact us to arrange)

4. If we love your product/service, we may choose to do a special feature on it for our members and blog followers (although this is purely at our discretion).

Further questions?  Contact Us.