NEW: Tuesday Tutorials Link-Up – Starting With Science

NEW: Tuesday Tutorials Link-Up – Starting With Science
Today, we are starting a brand-new segment, Tuesday Tutorials!  As promised, we’ve been looking at ways for members to share tutorials with one another – and here’s what we’ve come up with. Pleas participate, and enjoy!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every week, I’ll be writing a bit about an educational topic or subject.
  2. With each post, I’ll include a link to the Tuesday Tutorial page for that category (for example, today’s page, Science!).
  3. Each page will have a linky for you to link up your own tutorial (past or present) on the subject.
  4. Plus, every member that links up, will also have their post added to the Member Pinterest page.  A visual collection of member tutorials for us all to share!


So.  Without further ado.  Science.  I love science.  Actually, I just recently rediscovered that fact.

I skipped Grade 8 science.  I don’t really know why, except perhaps that my school was trying to encourage girls who showed promise in the sciences. When I was in high school, I took all of the required classes for university sciences: chemistry, biology, physics.  At the time, I remember making a big deal about dissections.  Pretending (in hindsight) that I was too scared or upset by them to participate (ashamedly, I got out of some work that way!).  I had at one point wanted to be a marine biologist.  But, it was the idea of dissecting things that swayed me (okay, that and my love for the arts).

I ended up in film school.  Then, library school.  Both amazing choices.  But, I often look back on the sciences, and think, I really gave them the shaft.

Science is so cool!  And, I feel pretty fortunate to be rediscovering that fact with my son.  As he starts to be interested in the world around him, he is bringing me along with him.  Every book we check out of the library “for him,” I get to read voraciously, too.  Lately, I’ve dabbled in electricity, volcanos, dinosaurs, and lots of nature study (if my son had his way, we’d probably be dabbling in pyrotechnics as well).

There is nothing like a children’s book to give a person a good overview of a subject.  I’ve learned vocabulary and concepts that I don’t ever remember knowing.  This coming from the “advanced placement” science student.

I’ve been considering the idea of “gaps in knowledge” lately, and this, among other things, makes me realize that concept is rubbish.  I had a great education.  But, of course there are gaps in my knowledge.  The great thing is, I get to continue filling them now!  As a parent.

Many people assume that becoming a parent means putting away any hope of ever having your own life again.  That your entire life has to belong to your children, and their interests.  Of course, becoming a mother is the ultimate selfless act.  We all prioritize our children.  But, being a homeschool mom, also means that I get to explore and learn all over again!  With my son, and on my own, too!  I love this.

So, with my newly kindled love of science, I am going to start learning about marine biology again.  And building baking soda volcanos while I’m at it!  And creating carbon dioxide in balloons… and oh so many glorious things I haven’t even dreamt of yet.  

But, perhaps you have?!

Visit our Tuesday Tutorials: Science  page to add your own favourite science tutorials to our link-up, and check back tomorrow for our balloon experiment.

By the way, for those advance planners out there – I think we’ll go with Art next week!

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  1. Yeah! Great timing. My daughter has just announced she is a wildlife biologist. We have already started making her a field backpack with binoculars and guides. She is also showing interests in science experiments. Science is not my strong subject, so I can’t wait to see what others post on the link-up!

    • Thanks Nicole. I’m pretty excited, too. I know the community here is very creative, and full of great ideas. Looking forward to everyone’s shares, this week and as time goes on. Your field backpack sound fantastic!


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