My Story

I am the mother of two young children, a public librarian, and a passionate lifelong learner. I began learning about homeschooling a few years ago, in my work as a children’s librarian. I was intrigued, but it wasn’t until I had my own children that I started to really consider it as an option for our family.  The more I read, the more fascinated I became.

I started The Homeschool Co-op with two things in mind: sharing information, and connecting people.  These are the two most important aspects of my professional work, and also critical pieces of my personal homeschooling journey.


Why The Homeschool Co-op?

When I began researching homeschooling, I found a wealth of information.  As many veteran homeschoolers can attest, it can quickly become overwhelming.  There are so many fantastic (and some not so fantastic) curriculum providers, and homeschool information websites out there.

What I kept coming across, however, was a lack of avenues for homeschoolers to connect easily with one another.  Much of this is done in person, at the grassroots level, which is absolutely fantastic.  However, I noticed that the home learning community, although very active online, was largely connecting via blogs and email list-servs.  Both essential, but sometimes clunky technologies.

I wanted to make it easier for like-minded families to connect online, be assured top-notch information, and share their amazing journeys with one another.  Thus, The Homeschool Co-op was born.

Kelly Woods is the founder of The Homeschool Co-op.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest, with her husband, her two children, Dylan and Sylvie, and their two cats. She is passionate about mothering, nature, reading, learning and, of course, homeschooling.