August: Homeschool Planning Time?!

August: Homeschool Planning Time?!
The month of August is upon us and I’m simultaneously struck by an urge to preserve the summer – hang on with every fibre of my being – and plan. Yep, that’s right. As soon as the first day of the month appeared, I felt compelled. Compelled to count down. Compelled to face forward, compelled to plan.




Since at least May, I have been reading blog headlines about homeschool planning.  And, I’ve been asking myself, “Who are these people?  Planning for next year already?!”  What about enjoying summer?!  What about  a break?  What about living this blissful season?  (Maybe you are one of these people?  If so, you have my kudos. Planning does not come naturally to me).

Yet, here I find myself.  Planning in August.   A full, beautiful month of summer left, and it might as well be over.  I’m itching to start.  Itching to start structuring our days, do something “scholarly,” focus inward and, well, begin again.

I m looking outside, and the hot summer sun is beckoning.  The creek by our house calls.  The kids and I are, regretfully, inside on such a gift of  a day.  And, as much as August feels to me like a filler month (the month before the big month of September, with its fresh starts, fresh notebooks and renewed vigour), I’m electing to embrace our August.

Swim in the creek.  Spend the days at the beach.  Build a bonfire.  Enjoy each other’s company and experience the treasured moments that will sustain us through the rainy season.  This season is magic, and I intend to embrace it.

So, if you catch me writing and thinking about planning, know that we might be doing  bit of that. But, we’ll be doing a lot more living.  And that’s just great with us.



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